Letter to the Trump Transition

With global temperatures nearing a tipping point, it's critical that we act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As concerned scientists and members of the STEM community, we are prepared to share our expertise and ideas to help the incoming administration make informed choices on climate change. That's why 314 Action is addressing a letter to the Trump Transition team. If you agree that the voices of scientists should be heard in the halls of power, please add your name here.

Full text of the letter

November 29, 2016

Mr. Donald Trump
Office of the President
1800 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20006

Dear President Trump,

Climate change, in addition to international terrorism, is one of the greatest challenges facing this generation. In order to pursue a more peaceful and prosperous future it is imperative that we as a nation act decisively on both. The two are not mutually exclusive. Some of the areas most susceptible to the ill effects of climate change are the least politically stable and most prone to radical ideologies. We’ll leave it to the military experts to advise on combat strategy. We in the scientific community believe the U.S. has an opportunity to take the lead on climate change action in a way that can promote growth and prosperity in the American economy, while reducing our carbon output.

We at 314 Action are a group of concerned scientists and members of the STEM community who are the top experts in both science and climate change. Today, we write to ask President Donald Trump's transition team to use our expertise while crafting the Trump Administration’s climate change policy. We are prepared to give our time, energy and ideas because of the impact climate change is having on our economy and national security. We want to help you make informed decisions to best lead the American people.

Particularly concerning is the impact climate change is having on America’s national security. Allowing temperatures to continue to rise will trigger large-scale domestic and international problems, including sea level rise, drought (affecting crop production) and political instability. Threats to our homeland and to our troops abroad will only grow if we don’t move to combat climate change now.

Enacting policies that strengthen our ability to protect the environment and combat climate change need not damage America’s ability to be competitive in a 21st Century economy. A concerted effort to invest in a low carbon future can be an opportunity to create jobs and grow our economy. This job growth is not limited to research positions. This is an opportunity to invigorate high-tech manufacturing in the U.S. and to direct industry to former coal-mining communities and inner cities that desperately need jobs and economic development. When choosing advisors and crafting policy in the next several months, members of our STEM community are ready and willing to be consulted on how those solutions could be practically implemented in a Trump administration.

As Americans, we want our country to continue to be the greatest country on earth. That means we need to continue to be on the forefront of pushing for the development of innovative solutions to problems. The longer we delay, the more CO2 builds up and additional warming and economic damages result. Delay will also require us to reduce CO2 emissions more sharply making it much more expensive. Market forces alone will not be able to address this problem because the cost of CO2 emissions does not reflect the true cost to the economy. Therefore we must have policy action by both the state and federal governments. Although these threats are real and imminent, this administration can use this time as an opportunity to craft an environmental policy that will make America great again.

So while the task of addressing climate change can appear daunting, it is also an opportunity for America to position herself as a leader in a low carbon future that is healthier, safer and providing greater economic freedom to more Americans. We appreciate your time and consideration.